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Collaboration examples

Collaboration examples

Respect for entrepreneurial peers and competitors, treating our suppliers honestly and equally, and open attitude to collaboration is the motivation of self-improvement of ANAME people. We fully understand that a successful enterprise does not depend on its size or long history, but whether it can provide customers with the most competitive product and service in order to bring customers satisfaction. The domestic production of materials and equipment is the inevitable path of the rise of China's semiconductor industry, which is also the motivation of ANAME's entrepreneurship. We sincerely look forward to bringing peers, material spare parts suppliers and investors who share the same ambition to join this young but dynamic and innovative community of ANAME. ANAME people will never let any partner down on the path of creating China's own semiconductor equipment and bringing our brand to the international stage with a spirit of self-transcendence. Your care and favor will make ANAME grow faster, our collaboration and friendship will produce satisfactory return.

We sincerely thank the strategic partners who have recognized us in this early stage, and welcome more partners to join the "win-win cooperation" with us!