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Film Coating Services

Film Coating Services

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01 We are committed to providing comprehensive customized ALD coating solutions to meet the needs of various substrate with special shapes, structural components, and complex components such as showerheads. With a professional technical team and rich industry experience, we are able to tailor the most suitable ALD coating solution based on the characteristics and performance requirements of different components and materials.


02 For long-term large-scale coating services, we are well aware of the importance of equipment stability and efficiency to our customers. Therefore, we are willing to work together with customers to develop customized coating equipment to ensure higher production efficiency and more stable product quality during the coating process. We have advanced research and development capabilities and mature manufacturing processes, and can customize and optimize equipment according to customer needs to meet their personalized needs.


03 In addition, we also pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers to ensure the smooth progress of coating services. We will actively communicate with customers, understand their needs and expectations, and provide professional advice and guidance. During the coating process, we will strictly control each step to ensure the stability and reliability of the coating quality.


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