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Elegant II-A
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Elegant II-A

The mature mass production version of The Elegant II-Y series has been added with a fully self-developed automatic wafer loading and transfer system, which can load 25 6/8 "wafers at one time using standard or custom Cassette, making it ideal for pilot or final test applications. The wafer loading system, equipped with sophisticated stepper motors and sensors, enables precise wafer positioning and counting, as well as precise wafer loading and unloading with a robotic arm. The same dual cavity and separate source inlet design ensures source utilization and reduces cross-contamination. Several upgrade ports allow plasma intensification and thermal processes to be implemented in the same vacuum chamber, making it particularly suitable for mass production of compound semiconductor devices.
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Technical indicators:  

Sample: up to 12 inches, downward compatible, customizable  

Process temperature: RT ~ 300℃, high temperature module can be customized for higher temperature.  

Foredrive source pipeline: up to 6 independent pipelines can be customized  

Low pressure source heating system: including source bottle and pipeline, RT ~ 200℃  

Vacuum system: high performance mechanical pump, can be customized semiconductor molecular pump  

Growth mode: Normal growth, stay growth, plasma enhancement (customizable)  

Plasma source: 0-3000W RPS, customizable  

Plasma discharge gas source: maximum 4 independent pipes, can be customized  

Control system: independently developed operating system + touch screen  

Power supply: 50-60Hz, 380V/20A AC power supply  

Uniformity: Al2O3 non-uniformity < ±1% 

Application examples:  

High-k gate oxide layer, dielectric materials for supercapacitors, High aspect ratio (such as TSV) structure seed layer or barrier layer, piezoelectric materials in MEMS, anti-reflection or High permeability optical lens film, passivation layer and carrier transport layer for solar cells, flat panel display, other kinds of special nano films. 

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