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Gate valve

The high vacuum direct acting gate valve developed by ANAME is suitable for isolation of loadlocks from vacuum chambers. It is widely used in vacuum coating equipment, optoelectronic industry, and other cluster-type vacuum systems. The sealing device has the advantages of fast opening and closing, long repeated operation life, and high airtightness, playing a crucial role in isolating and connecting various vacuum chambers. Advantage 1 Good sealing performance and fast opening/closing. The specially designed pneumatic actuator can quickly achieve the opening and closing of the gate panel. The specially designed sealing components ensure a more reliable and durable sealing effect. Advantage 2 Low dust and low particle generation. The precise gate panel drive design makes the sealing process close to zero friction, effectively suppressing the generation of particles. Advantage 3 High Safety Performance. It adopts a mechanical lock and stop mechanism to lock the gate panel component when the gate panel is closed, effectively avoiding miss operation caused by external factors. Advantage 4 Convenient maintenance and long service life. The replaceable bellow can be disassembled and assembled from the top of the gate panel, with a service life of up to 1 million times.
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●   Wafer size: 8/12 inches

●   Operating environment pressure: 1.0X105~10-6Pa

●   Driving pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa

●   Action pressure difference: <4kPa

●   Leakage rate: 1.3X10-9mbar.L/s

●   Operating temperature: gate panel: 5~120℃; driver: 5-60℃

●   Action time: 0.6~1s

●   Lifetime: ≥1 million times

●  Material: O-ring: FFKM  Valve body: AL6061/316L

●  Bellow: 316L, Gate panel: AL6061/316L

●  Comment: material can be customized to client’s requirement

●  close lock End lock direction: closed lock 



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