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Research and development capab

Research and development capability

Research and development capability

Research and development capability


ANAME currently has 70 R&D staff, among which 30% have master's degree or above.  We have the highest standard of assembly, testing and R&D center of 4000 square meters.  At present, the R&D center is equipped with 2 ALD/ALE equipment, optical microscope, atomic force microscope, ellipsometry, four-point probe, multiple quadrupole ICP mass spectrometer, SP5 particle detector and other commonly used characterization equipment.  Relying on advanced equipment and characterization methods, we can complete the preparation of various kinds of semiconductor thin films and optoelectronic measurement, and have successfully developed more than ten kinds of new materials for various research institutions and industrial partners, and verified several kinds of semiconductor-related processes and device structures.  
With an open and positive attitude towards collaboration, we have maintained close relationship with every partner for a long time. We are constantly seeking breakthroughs in the field of materials, technology and characterization, and striving to promote the rapid development of semiconductor and optoelectronic devices in China. 
We sincerely welcome all kinds of R&D collaboration. For sample preparation and measurement needs, please contact our customer service staff for details.  

Research and development capability

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