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China Semiconductor three-way attack

According to the research report of Guosen Securities, in the first eight months of 2020, nearly 10,000 (9335) companies in China switched to the chip industry, a year-on-year increase of 1.2 times. There are currently 62 listed A-share semiconductor companies, and the number of newly transformed semiconductor companies is 150 times the stock.

Nanjing Yuanlei confirmed that it will participate in the 22nd Shanghai SEMICON exhibition

It has been nearly 3 years since Nanjing Yuanlei was established in 2018. Next year, it will usher in the fast track of development again. The company has confirmed to participate in the SEMICON exhibition in Shanghai in March 2022.

The grass grows and the warbler flies, the spring is in harmony

The grass grows long and the spring is in harmony. In order to allow new colleagues to integrate into the group more quickly, and to enhance mutual understanding between colleagues, relieve work pressure, and improve team cohesion and sense of belonging, all employees of Nanjing Yuanlei drove to the scenery on May 10th. A unique and colorful team building activity was launched in the beautiful Hushu Street of Jiangning District.

Hidden dangers are of no size and safety is greater than the sky

In the scorching summer, the electricity load of units and enterprises has increased, and the risk of electrical fires has increased. In order to further improve the fire protection knowledge, skill level, fire safety protection awareness and fire safety quality of enterprise employees, and create a safe production and working environment, Pukou Fire Fighting entered Nanjing Yuanyuan Lei, carry out fire-fighting knowledge training for all employees.

Yuan Lei held training on "Enterprise Intellectual Property Risk and Management Knowledge"

On April 30th, Nanjing Yuanlei took the opportunity of World Intellectual Property Day to actively respond to the government's call and organized training on the theme of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Risk and Management" for corporate employees. It mainly introduces the value of intellectual property to the enterprise, the risk of intellectual property and the ways to protect it, and the management of intellectual property in the work of various functional departments. The general manager also listed to us during the training process. Some successful and failed cases of corporate intellectual property protection.